Of Smoovr UG (haftungsbeschränkt), following referred to as Smoovr.

  1. The provider and area of applicability

1 For the general terms and conditions (GTC) please see the website of the performing moving company.

  1. What does Smoovr offer?

2.1 Smoovr offers the pricing of moving requests. The customer receives a selection of offers from prescreened companies that all meet a certain standard of quality. Once the customer choses a moving company, a contract between the customer and the selected moving company will take place. Smoovr is at no point responsible for the realization of the move and solely acts as moderator in case of questions or issues.

2.2 The Smoovr partner companies will always fulfill the following criteria:

  • Sufficient personnel
  • Sufficiently sized truck / van
  • Travel to the start of the move
  • If required a disassembly of large furniture (kitchen is additional effort)
  • Loading onto the truck
  • Transport to the destination location
  • Unloading of the truck
  • Reassembly of large furniture
  • Departure of the destination location
  • Any fuel required for the machines in the process
  • All planning and coordination time

2.3 Additional Services can be booked

  • assembling and dissembling of kitchens, and plumbing fixtures;
  • packing and unpacking of Goods;
  • submitting applications for parking suspensions accompanied by setting up the requisite street signs in a timely manner;
  • providing and setting up furniture elevators;
  • providing packing material;
  • storage of Goods;
  • additional insurance coverage; and/or
  • assumption of import and export customs duties.
  1. How is the relocation contract with Smoovr formed?

3.1 Smoovr facilitates a contract between the customer and the executing moving company. The detailed GTC can be found in the offer of the chosen moving company or on their respective website.

3.2 For an effective pricing of the moving requirements the customer first fills out a survey on the Smoovr website with information about the move. Second the customer sends a video containing all items and further visual information as attributes of big items, size of the elevator, distance from the entrance to the parking space, etc.

3.3 All stated information has to be truthfull. The provided information is the foundation for a proper fixed pricing of the move. Wrongful statements or missed information can lead to more effort which will be charged according to the “additional fee” list.

3.4 The booking of the move is subject to the GTC of the executing moving company.

  1. Expanding the scope of services

4.1 You must contact us immediately if you wish to amend the Services after we have confirmed the Order at any time prior to two calendar days before the relocation date specified in the Order (“Relocation Date”). We will finalize the details with you and we will lead you through the process, if the desired change is reasonable and acceptable to the moving company. The moving company is free to agree or reject the requested change.

5.2 If the client wishes to expand the scope of services less than 72 hours prior to the relocation, or, as the case may be, only during the relocation, then such shall also be subject to the consent of the moving company. The prices for expansions of the scope of services under this Sect. 5.2 shall be determined in accordance with the price/service index, otherwise in accordance with individual agreement including moving company. Any expansions of the scope of services under this Sect. 5.2 are to be documented on the day of the relocation and are to be confirmed by the client in writing.

5.3 Any and all expansion of the scope of services are in principle to be paid by the client immediately. Such shall apply independently of the payment method selected within the framework of the booking of the primary order.

  1. Your duties

5.1 You must provide, in a truthful, up to date, accurate and complete manner, all information required by us to perform the Services including but not limited to: (a) the Pick-up Location and Delivery Location and the length of the path from the moving truck to the front door of your home; (b) the availability and size of elevators and the number of floors to ascend; (c) the square metre measurements of your home; (d) the number of rooms; (e) the persons living in your home; (f) the contents of the list of Goods to be moved; (g) and any other information we require and any other circumstances relevant to us in order to carry out the Services.

5.2 You must compile and provide to us a complete up to date, accurate and truthful list of the Goods to be moved. Prior to the booking, you must check the list of the Goods to be moved for completeness and to let us know by email or over the telephone if any Goods are missing. It is possible to update any cost estimate with further information. The cost estimate or the expenses for the relocation specified by the moving company prior to the booking can be changed by means such a subsequent notification.

5.3 You must take all steps (in a timely manner and independently, prior to us commencing the Services) so that we may properly carry out the Services. This includes but is not limited to dissembling and assembling furniture, plumbing fixtures and kitchens, packing and unpacking the Goods to be moved and obtaining parking permits (to the extent not booked by us as an Additional Service). You will ensure that there shall be no impediment or delay on the Relocation Date.

5.4 Unless otherwise agreed by you and us, you are responsible for obtaining parking permits at the Pick-up Location and Delivery Location for the stipulated time period of the Services. If you require us to obtain the parking permits as an Additional Service, we shall use reasonable efforts to procure parking permits for you during the stipulated relocation period. Procuring the parking permits shall be subject to official approval. If it is not possible to obtain the parking permits, then we shall invoice any additional expense arising to you with the final invoice, and you shall be obligated to pay this additional payment in accordance with clause 9 of these GTC.

5.5 You must communicate to us any changes to the Order which may affect the Pick-up Location and the Delivery Location as well as the Goods to be moved and any other items relevant to the Services, (inter alia, telephone number and e-mail address), without undue delay, including but not limited to subsequently erected construction sites, construction work, blocked-off streets, or other hindrances. If any Additional Services are required in these circumstances, then you will be responsible for any additional costs in accordance with clause 9 of these GTC.

5.6 You must be contactable by us on the Relocation Date at the most recently specified telephone number (mobile/landline), as well as during the hours prior to the notified commencement of the Services.

  1. Liability

Smoovr is never liable. The liability claim is always against the executing moving company. For more information please see their GTC.

  1. Data privacy

Please see the details in the data privacy statement.